• We Come To You
    We bring the fitness center to your location.
    Guarantees consistency in your workouts.
    One-on-one certified personal coach.
    No more rushing to get to the gym.
    Allowing you more leisure and family time.
    Provides you more time for quality training.
    No longer dealing with traffic.
    No waiting in line to use the equipment.
    Sanitized and germ free.
  • Fitness Center On Wheels
    This is a complete fitness center on wheels.
    Our testing determines your level of conditioning.
    We perform computerized wellness testing.
    Our business is changing lives and we do it well.
    We provide you with ultimate conditioning.
    We assist you in setting your goals.
    We provide you with a wealth of education.
    Our clients achieve their goals.
    Our services provide you with privacy.
  • At Your Front Door
    No phone call to disturb your workout.
    Adequate time for you to focus on you.
    A professional to guide you step by step.
    Never leave your premises to workout.
    We always have your best interest at heart.
    Safe and clean environment.
    We understand the importance of results.
    Always a pleasant and comfortable facility.
  • Mobile Weight Loss Center
    We offer weight loss, weight gain or firm and tone.
    We have been in business since 2006.
    We provide custom meal plans.
    All programs are tailored to your needs.
    Our client base was built from referrals.
    The Founder has over 40 years in the business.
    Integrity is a part of our daily mission.
    We make fitness convenient by coming to you.
    We are the leaders in mobile fitness.

About Mobile Fitness Team

Mobile Fitness Team was founded in 2006 by one of our trainers and owner, fitness expert Carlos Blackwell. The company presently operates out of Houston, Texas. We provide a weight loss service that is unmatched; we bring the gym on wheels to your front door, we come to you.
The foundation of Mobile Fitness Team was built on integrity. Service is our primary product and we believe in providing you with a service of uncompromising quality. We have a highly respected and functional system that the professional men and women of our organization literally bring to your doorstep.
Our business is changing lives and we do it well because of our extreme passion for helping others. We understand the importance of good health; therefore, our programs are designed for complete wellness. We provide you with ultimate conditioning and leave you with a wealth of education on how to stay fit for the rest of your life. The team of certified personal trainers at Mobile Fitness Team are professionals who understand the importance of clients achieving their goals. Our personal trainers have all demonstrated a true passion for helping others and have worked with men and women of various ages. Our clientele range from youth to seniors.
Weight loss, nutritional plans and workout programs are all tailored to meet the needs of each individual client. The bulk of our client base has come from referrals, which suggest our customers are pleased with our services.  We are proud to say we deliver to your front door one of the greatest products in the world, Health and Fitness.



Weight Loss Book

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Weight loss book for those who want to lose weight, keep it off and have a better understanding of weight loss.

Mobile Fitness Units

 Our mobile units are conditioning facilities on wheels; they have all the equipment necessary to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Fitness Assessments

 Body fat percentage is the leading indicator of fitness levels and risk of heart disease; we perform electronic testing on your systems to be accurate in choosing the right program for you.


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